FAQ: What are the InstaPay Withdrawal Conditions


What are the InstaPay Withdrawal conditions?


Available On:


✓ Standard

✓ Premium


✓ HeroPay


The maximum InstaPay withdrawal amount available to an employee is $250 a week, while the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 per transaction. If an employee has earned less than $500 in wages for their pay period, the withdrawal amount available to the employee is half of their accrued wage.

InstaPay weeks are calculated in a seven-day period, starting on the first day of your pay cycle.

Important:  If an employee’s available InstaPay balance is greater than $250, they will only be able to withdraw a maximum of $250 a week. If they wish to conduct another InstaPay withdrawal, the remaining balance will become available in the next seven-day period, and so on until the end of their pay cycle.

InstaPay Fees

Transaction Method Fee
Hero Shop purchases using a combination of, Debit, Hero Dollars plus InstayPay $0
Hero Shop purchases using InstaPay only  $0
InstaPay withdraw $2


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