FAQ: How do I Access a Purchased Gift Card


How do I access a purchased gift card?


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You can access your gift cards from the Orders page in the Employment Hero HR platform.

On the Orders page you can view your gift card details and redeem them. When accessing a gift card you can either use the barcode (for applicable gift cards) to redeem the value of your voucher at a participating retailer, or use the Gift Card number to redeem their value in the appropriate online store.


When purchasing a gift card, you can only access it through the Employment Hero HR platform or Employment Hero mobile application. Employment Hero does not email you the gift card details.

Viewing Gift Card Purchases
  1. Click the My Benefits menu.
  2. Click the Orders submenu.
  3. Click the Details button next to the desired gift card purchase.
  4. To view the details on how to redeem your gift card, click on the drop-down menu bar.


    Your gift card is active if there is a balance displayed, i.e. Balance $100. If you have used the gift card, or it has expired, the balance will no longer display, instead, it will say used or expired.

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