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Paperless onboarding is an integral part of our mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone. With solutions for eTFND (ATO) and Vevo Checks (Department of Immigration) and other onboarding processes, superannuation has been the remaining pain point for employers and employees with antiquated work flows leading to additional administration, transposition errors, delays and other poor outcomes.

Employment Hero has been working with the superannuation industry to create a better superannuation solution for employers, employees, and superannuation funds.


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Getting started


Seamless Super will display details of providers to employees at the point of onboarding to engage employees in their Super Choice. Employment Hero will deliver member application data directly to super funds with no additional work required by either employees or employers.


Helpful Hint

With the Hero Passport, an employee can carry their employment details and their Super Fund account details with them into their next role.

Further information

Why are you showing only two funds, when will there be more providers

Employment Hero has been working with multiple providers within the superannuation industry and expects to add additional providers once they have completed their development and approval processes.

Can I get my current default/employer preferred/workplace fund added

Yes! We are already working with several providers. However, we would welcome the introduction to your superannuation provider. Please ask your fund to request contact from our Seamless Super team by raising a ticket through the following link: Submit a ticket.

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