Roster Template: Bidding Shifts


You can use the Roster Template function to create shifts that employees can bid for. You can also use this function to edit and delete previously created bidding shifts.

Warning: To use the Shift Bidding function, you will need to have enabled it in Roster Settings.


Payroll Plan:


✓ Premium

Creating a Bidding Shift

  1.  Click on the shift panel that represents the day that needs a bidding shift created.

  2. In the Create Shift panel, click on the Shift Bidding tick box.

  3. In the Create Bidding Shift panel complete the following fields:
    • From time.
    • To time.
    Helpful Tip: Click the Add Break button to add a break in.

    • Break start.
    • Break end.
    Helpful Tip: Click the Minus (-) button to delete an added break.

    • Location.
    • Qualifications.
    Helpful Tip: The Qualifications field will only appear if an admin has enabled qualifications.
    • Bidding employees.
    Helpful Tip: You can select any created Bidding Groups from within the Bidding Employee drop menu. Refer to the Glossary of Shift Availability Terms for further information. on what recommended and other employees means.  
    • Work Type.
    Helpful Tip: The Work Type field will only appear if an admin has enabled work types.
    • Classification.
    Helpful Tip: The Classification field will only show if you have assigned the employee an employee agreement, which allows the selection of a higher classification.
    • Role.
    Helpful Tip: The Role field will only appear if an admin has enabled shift roles.
    • Note.
  4. Click the Save button.
    Helpful Tip: When you add multiple users in the employee’s field, this will automatically create the same shift for the selected employees.
    Warning: HeroPay does not cost bidding shifts and will display the shift cost as $0. This is because HeroPay assigns multiple employees to the shift. Only when an employee accepts the shift will HeroPay assign a cost to the shift.

Glossary of Shift Availability Terms

Function Function Definition Logic
Recommended Employes HeroPay defines an employee as recommended, if they fulfil all the criteria of that shift. Employee Recommend Shift Criteria is:
  1. Available for the shift on the selected day.
  2. Employees are in the correct shift location.
Other Employees HeroPay defines an employee as other, if they only partially meet the criteria of that shift.

Other Employee Criteria:

  1. Available for the shift on the selected day.
  2. Outside the required shift location.

Editing a Bidding Shift

Important: You can only edit shifts that are unpublished. You cannot edit a published shift.
  1. Click on the employee shift that needs editing.
    Helpful Tip: The purple icon shows a bidding shift, and the number within the purple circle shows the number of assigned bidding employees.

  2. In the Edit Shift panel, make the required changes and click the Save button.

Deleting a Bidding Shift

Important: Deleting a shift is only possible if it is unpublished. Published shifts will need to be unpublished first before you can delete them.
  1. Click on the individual shift that needs deleting.

  2. Click the Delete this Shift button.

  3. Click the Delete button.
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