Thank a Hero on our mobile app

Getting Started


This feature is only available to organisations that are on a standard or premium subscription plan.  

To opt into the Thank a Hero feature, an owner or admin of your organisation will have to enable the feature `Company Feed` through our beta toggle located in the top menu. 

This will give your organisation access to the mobile version of the company feed, allowing you to post announcements and give thanks on the go. 


Who can use this feature?

All employees will have access to this feature and will be able to thank any other employee within the organisation. 


How to Thank a Hero

Once logged in to the Employment Hero Mobile app, there are two ways to Thank a Hero.

Option 1: Click on the icon in the centre of the menu to bring up a list of options, than tap on the Thank a Hero option. mceclip4.png


Option 2: Click on the  icon, and then tap on the Thank a Hero option.



Share options:

Let everyone know?

  • Yes: The post will be visible to everyone within the organisation
  • No: The post will only be visible to the nominated heroes and their managers


Once shared, the post will appear as below

Visible to everyone


Visible to heroes and managers only



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