Pay slips on our mobile app

Employees are now able to view the list of their pay slips on our mobile app.

Who can view pay slips on the mobile app?

Users will be able to view a list of their pay slips if they meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • The organisation is connected to one of the payroll systems that Employment Hero integrates with e.g. Employment Hero Payroll, Keypay, Xero
  • The organisation has Pay Slips turned ON for employee through the Menu Customisation page (Customisation > Menu). This setting is ON by default for all organisations connected to a payroll system. 
  • The user has pay slips in their Employment Hero account 


How to view the list of pay slips

  • Users with access to view pay slips on the mobile app will see the below card/box on the dashboard of the app:


  • When the user taps on the card/box, they will be presented with a list of their pay slips available on Employment Hero.
  • The list of pay slips displays the following details:
    • Pay period ending date
    • Gross pay
    • Net pay



How to view the pay slip's details

  • When the user taps on one of the pay slips listed, they will be presented with the pay slip summary details of the selected pay period as found in their Employment Hero pay slip summary table. 



How to get a PDF of a pay slip's full details 

  • When the user taps on the file icon in the top right corner on the pay slip detail's page, they will be presented with a PDF preview of the pay slip. This PDF will be the same pay slip file view as the one on the web. 
  • Please note that it will take a few moments for the pay slip PDF preview to be displayed as it is dependent on factors such as the user's Internet connection and the number of pay slip PDF our system is currently actioning. 
    • When the user is viewing a pay slip's PDF for the first time, and they navigate away from the pay slip preview page, the user will receive an in-app notification or a push notification when the pay slip preview is ready. 
  • Once the pay slip preview has loaded, the user will have an option to either download (Android) or share (iOS) the pay slip PDF. They can action either by tapping on the respective icons located in the top right corner as shown below. 



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