Request link to log in to our mobile app

Have you forgotten your password and need help logging into our app?

Do not worry! You can now request a link to be sent to your email which can be used to login to our mobile app. 

  1. Tap on the Email me a magic login link option below the Log In button.


  2. Enter in the Account Email of the account you wish to access.

  3. Tap on the Request link button. If the email address entered is linked to a valid an email will be sent to the email with a link to login to the mobile app.

  4. Access your email account either through your mobile web browser or mailing app and tap on the Log in to Employment Hero button. This will redirect you back to our mobile app and log you in. 

  5. If your link is invalid or has expired, you will be presented with the email login screen and an error message. You can follow the above process to request a new log in link. 

Additional notes:

  • At any time you are on the Request a magic login link screen, you can click on Login with email to return to the email login screen to login with your email and password.
  • The link will expire after 15 minutes of being sent. 
  • The link can only be used once, after it has been used it will expire. 
  • If you have enabled 2-Factor Authentication, you will still be required to complete 2-Factor Authentication on the Employment Hero Mobile app.



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