Staff directory on our mobile app

Employees are now able to view organisation's staff directory on our NEW Employment Hero Mobile mobile app.

The staff directory displays the following details about an employee:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Personal mobile number
  • Company contact details
    • Company mobile number
    • Company landline
    • Company email
  • Manager listing
  • Direct employees listing






Disable company contact details in the staff directory

By default, an employee's company contact details are shown in the staff directory. To hide employee's company contact details, the organisation's admin/owner needs to disable this in the Company Settings under the Employment Settings tab by selecting No to Show staff details




Enable personal mobile number in the staff directory 

By default, an employee's personal mobile number is hidden from the staff directory. For an employee's personal mobile number to be displayed, the employee needs to edit their Personal Details in their employee file and select Yes to Display mobile in staff directory


Additional notes 

As an employee's job title is shown throughout the mobile app, it is recommended that an employee's job title is one that is generic and does not include sensitive information such as their pay levels as this should be tracked through the pay details section in Employment Hero.


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