Two-Factor Authentication on our mobile app

If you have 2-Factor Authentication set up for your account, you will need to authenticate your account when logging into the Employment Hero Mobile app.

When you are logging into a new device for the first time you will be presented with a 2-Factor Authentication screen after successfully logging in using your email and password. The screen you will see is dependent on your chosen method to receive authentication codes:

If you have chosen to receive authentication codes through an authentication app


If you have chosen to receive authentication codes through SMS Text Messages


Similarly, if you are already logged into the mobile app prior to enabling 2-Factor Authentication, the next time you log into the mobile app using your passcode you will be presented with the 2-Factor Authentication screen as above. 

You will need to enter in a valid Employment Hero Authentication Code that is either sent to your mobile or generated by an authentication app to proceed.

What if I do not have access to my mobile phone?

Alternatively, if you are unable to access your mobile phone, you can enter your recovery code.

Once you have used your recovery code a new recovery code will be displayed for you with the option to copy and screenshot. You must either copy or screenshot your new recovery code to proceed. 


Additional notes:

If you select to Remember this device for 45 days, you will not require to complete 2-Factor Authentication on the mobile app the next time you login with your email and password on the same device. 


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