Request leave on our mobile app

Employees are now able to request leave on our NEW Employment Hero Mobile mobile app.


Who can request leave on the mobile app?

Employees will be able to request leave on the mobile app if they meet ALL of the following conditions: 

  • The organisation has Leave Requests turned ON for employees through the Menu Customisation page (Customisation > Menu).
  • The employee has leave categories visible to them. 


How to request leave

  • Users with permission to request leave on the mobile app will see the + button at the bottom of the screen as shown above.


  • When the user taps on the + button, they will be presented with the option to create a Leave Request: 


  • When the user taps on the Leave Request option, they will be presented with the leave request form:


  • Once the user has entered in all the required fields, a request leave button will appear for users to action. 



How to edit total leave hours

  • To edit the total leave hours of a leave request, simply tap on the Total leave hours field. This will present employees with a list of individual leave hours for each day in the selected leave period as shown below:


  • Employees can tap on the calendar icon in the top right corner to jump to a specific day for easy editing
  •  Edits to individual leave hours must be saved for it to be applied correctly. 

How to add attachments

  • To add images as attachments to your leave request, ensure you have the latest version of Employment Hero Mobile (ver. 1.21.2 or later)
  • At the bottom of the leave request form you will see a field called Attachments with a green + icon on the right hand side


  • Tap on the + icon to open up the photo selector. You will be prompted to 'Take photo...' or ' Select/Choose from library...'



  • Once you have selected your images, they will be listed under the field Attachments. You will be able to add additional images or remove the ones you have selected by tapping on the magenta - icon 
    • Employment Hero Mobile currently only accepts attachments in the form of images and PDF files (Android ONLY)



Additional information

  • Total leave hours:
    • is calculated based off an employee's ordinary work day hours
    • excludes weekends and public holidays (that have been set and assigned to the employee)
  • Employees will be notified if there are public holidays that fall within their leave period
  • Employment Hero Mobile currently only accepts attachments in the form of images and PDF files (Android ONLY)
  • The speed in which a leave request with attachments is processed is dependent on the file size of the attachments and the user's Internet connection and speed
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