Acknowledge policies on our mobile app


Who can access policies on mobile?

Employees will be able to access policies on the mobile app if their organisation has Policies turned ON through the Menu Customisation page (Customisation > Menu).

Employees with access to policies will see one of the following cards on their dashboard:

  • If they have outstanding policies to view


  • If they do not have any outstanding policies to view or have no policies to view


How to acknowledge outstanding policies

When an employee taps on the My Policies card on the dashboard they will be taken to a listing of all the policies that are assigned to them. The list is grouped in three sections; Outstanding, Non-mandatory, Acknowledged and Archived.

When an employee taps on one of the policies in the listing, the policy will be displayed for the employee to view (if applicable*).


Outstanding policies (that have not been archived) will have the option for employees to acknowledge** which is followed by a disclaimer to accept before their acknowledgement is submitted. 




Acknowledged policies will have a banner on top of of the screen to indicate that it has been acknowledged.


* We currently only support the display of the following policy types:

  • Template Policies - Policies created through the Template Management module
  • PDF Policies - PDF files uploaded through the Policies module
  • Image Policies - Images uploaded through the Policies module


** We do not support the display of DOC and DOCX files, therefore they cannot be acknowledged through the mobile app. 

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