Update certifications on our mobile app

Who can access certifications on mobile?

Employees will be able to access certifications on the mobile app if their organisation has chosen to use Certifications in employee files through the Employee File Customisation page (Customisation > Employee File). 

Employees with access to certifications will see one of the following cards on their dashboard:

  • If they have certifications to action 


  • If they do not have any certifications to action


  • If they do not have any certifications assigned to them




How to update certifications


When an employee taps on the My Certifications card on the dashboard, they will be taken to a listing of all the certifications that are assigned to them. The list is grouped in four sections; Requires Action (Outstanding, Declined and Expired certifications), In Review, Active, Archived.



When an employee taps on one of the certifications in the listing, the certification details will be displayed.



To edit a certification, simply tap on the Edit button at the bottom of the details page. The edit screen will display the certification name and all the editable fields for the certification.


Once all required fields are filled in, employees can tap on the Save button.



Additional notes:


  • Certification details displayed will vary depending on the how the certification   is set up.
  • Employees can only attach ONE supporting documentation at a time. Saved supporting documentation cannot be removed.
  • The app only supports the upload and viewing of images files and PDFs
  • Employees can not edit Archived certifications
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