Approve daily timesheets on our mobile app


Who can access daily timesheet approvals on mobile?

Employees will be able to access daily timesheet approvals on the mobile app if they meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • The organisation has Timesheets turned ON for employees through the Menu Customisation page (Customisation > Menu)
  • The organisation is using one of the following Timesheet Entry options (Settings > Company Settings > Employment Settings).
    • Start and end times based on daily entries
    • Daily hours based on daily entries
  • Employee is either an owner, admin, manager or employee with the security permission to action pending timesheets (refer to Security Groups for more information).

How to action pending timesheets?

  • Employees with permission to access timesheets approvals on the mobile app will see a pending timesheet count on the dashboard as shown below:


  • Managers will receive push notifications when an employee submits a pending timesheet to review.
  • When the user taps on the pending timesheet count, they will be presented with one of the following screens:
    • When there are no pending timesheets:


    • When there are pending timesheets:


  • There are two methods to action pending timesheets

1. Swipe right on the timesheet in the pending timesheets list to approve or swipe left on the timesheet in the pending timesheet list to decline.


2. Tap on the timesheet in the pending timesheets list to view the timesheet’s full details. On this screen, there will be an approve and a decline button.


  • Once you approve or decline a timesheet, you will be given the option to undo your action. Please note that the window to undo is 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the timesheet you have just actioned will be removed from the pending timesheets list and the option to undo will be removed fromthe timesheet details screen.
    • Tap 'Undo' from pending timesheet list:


    • Tap on 'Tap to undo' from pending timesheet details:





  • If you have notifications turned on but are not receiving any notifications, please try re-installing the app to update the notification permissions. 
  • Turning off push notifications turns off all push notifications from the Employment Hero Mobile app. It is currently not possible to select which push notifications are enabled/disabled.


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