HR company feed: Employee birthday and anniversary milestones


Encouraging a culture of recognition is essential in making your employees feel valued, so it’s important not to let special events pass by unnoticed. Celebrating birthdays, promotions and work anniversaries can improve your team morale and make your staff feel valued. 

The Milestone feature allows you to set up an automated recognition post for an employee's birthday and/or work anniversary. Managers will receive a notification about these upcoming events and can then use this feature to schedule a Shout Out on their organisational company feed.


You can not delete a milestone message once you publish your message to the nominated employee.


This feature only displays in platform if you have reporting employees i.e. only an employee's primary manager can schedule a message to display on the company feed for these types of events.

To read further information on how to enable Hero Dollars for an employee work anniversary or birthday, refer to the following article.

HR Best Practice

The employees' date of birth and start date drives this Milestone feature, so ensure your employee data is accurate and up to date to ensure milestones appear at the correct time.


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Getting started

Creating a milestone
  1. Click the View Scheduled Messages button.
  2. Select the employee needs a massage scheduled.

    Helpful Tip:

    If there are no employees displayed, this means that there are no employees who have a work anniversary or birthday in the next eight days.

  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Date.
    • Time.
  4. In the text box, enter the desired message.
  5. Click the Schedule button.


    Clicking the Schedule button will trigger the message to publish on your organisation’s company feed on the date you have chosen.

Adding a reaction
  1. Click the Emoji button.
  2. Click the desired emoji to add a reaction.
Adding a comment
  1. Click the Add a Comment button.
  2. Enter the required comment and click the Send button.

    Helpful Hint

    Typing @ into the comment field, followed by an employee's name, will tag that employee in the comment. Comments do not have a limit on the number of employee tags, so there is no limit to how many employees it can include.



Editing a milestone message


You can not edit a milestone message once you have posted it on the company feed.

  1. Click the View Scheduled Messages button. 
  2. Click the employee who needs a scheduled message edited.

    Helpful Tip:

    There is a clock symbol displayed next to an employee that has had a scheduled message created.

  3. Make the required changes and click the Schedule button.
Deleting a comment


Any user can delete their own comment, while an admin can delete anyone's comment.

  1. Click the Comment button.
  2. Click the Three Dots button.
  3. Click the Delete button.
  4. Click the Delete Comment button.
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