HR Platform Release Notes: Week 39/2019

Xero: Payslips

We found some inconsistencies between the Xero payslips that users accessed through the Download button and the Print Preview button. We have made minor changes to ensure consistency with formatting and information (such as pay rates and addresses).

HeroPay: Payslips


There were inconsistences in payslips imported into the HR platform compared to how they originally appeared in HeroPay.


We have fixed the inconsistences between payslips imported into the HR platform compared to how they originally appeared in HeroPay.

Onboarding Approval Workflow


When an admin onboards an employee using the Onboarding Approval Workflow, and they wanted to issue a contract, when the admin clicked on the Email Contract button, the employee would receive an invitation to the platform prior to the onboarding request being approved.


Now, when an employee onboards through the Onboarding Approval Workflow and the employer issues a contract, the HR platform will hide the Email Contract button while the onboarding request is pending. When an admin has approved the request, it saves the contract as a draft. 

Once approved, the admin can resume the onboarding process by clicking on the draft contract. The Email Contract button will now be available, allowing them to send the contract to the new employee.

Nominated Superannuation Fund


The text on this page wasn't descriptive about what actions an admin should undertake and the effect it would have. 


We have added two new sections called:

  1. Things you should know.
  2. Find out more.
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