Getting Started Part 3: Leave Management

Before You Begin

There are 4 key aspects that need completing before proceeding:

  • You have loaded all required employees into Employment Hero.
  • For each employee within Employment Hero, you have specified their location and manager.
  • Have a list of all outstanding leave requests that need uploading into Employment Hero.
  • Have decided whether to use Employment Hero's Two Level Leave function. 

Where Should I Begin

Public Holidays

You can use the Public Holidays function to create a public holiday calendar tailored to your business and the states and/or territories you operate within.

You can select from Employment Hero's pre-created public holiday templates and customise it to suit your business needs, or you can create your own public holiday calendar from scratch. 

Warning: If there are no public holidays setup within your organisation, then when an employee submits leave over a public holiday, Employment Hero will not recognise the day as a public holiday. This means the leave will not default to 0 hours for the leave request.

To understand how this section works, we recommended reading this article.

Submitting a Leave Request

Employees can use the Leave Request function to submit a leave request for approval. 

To understand how your employees can submit a leave request refer to this article

Managing an Employee's Leave Request 

Managers and Admins can use the Leave Management function to approve and/or decline employee submitted leave requests.

To understand how a single leave approval process works for approving an employee's submitted leave request, refer to this article

To understand how a two leave approval process works for approving an employee's submitted leave request, refer to this article

Things I should Consider

Public Holidays

One important aspect to consider when you are setting up your public holidays, is that they are location based. For further details on how to set up your locations refer to this article

The second important aspect to consider is whether there are any regional holidays that you need to add to your Employment Hero public holiday calendar.  For further details on how to add public holidays to your Employment Hero calendar refer to this article

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