Getting Started Part 7: Launching Employment Hero

Before You Begin

We recommend before launching that you inform your employees about Employment Hero and that they should expect to see emails from Employment Hero. This is import because your employees will receive an email from Employment Hero with an invitation for them to join the platform.

Where Should I Begin

Disabling Setup Mode

Disabling Setup Mode will mean that employee's on your Employment Hero platform will now receive email notifications from Employment Hero. 

Turning off Setup Mode, will mean employee's can now receive there invitation email and can use that email to login and setup their Employment Hero profile. 

You can disable Setup Mode from the Employment Settings Section, for further details refer to this article

Inviting Users

You can invite your employee's to join Employment Hero through the employee management page. 

You can invite your users to join Employment Hero either in bulk or individual. 

For further details on how you invite employee's to join Employment Hero, refer to this article.

Things I should Consider

Setup Mode

With Setup Mode turned off, actions undertaken in platform will cause Employment Hero to send emails to your employee's.

For further information on what actions causes Employment Hero to send emails refer to this article.



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