Getting Started Part 2: Employee Data

Before You Begin

Connecting to Payroll

You will require the admin login details to your payroll platform. 

Where Should I Begin

Connecting to Payroll

The Employment Hero platform can integrate with the following payroll platforms:

  1. HeroPay
  2. KeyPay
  3. QuickBooks 
  4. Xero
  5. MYOB (Account Right Live)

For details on what each of these five integrations offers and how they interact with Employment Hero, refer to this article.

For details on connecting to these five payroll platforms refer to the following articles:

  1. Add On: Connecting to HeroPay
  2. Add On: Connecting to KeyPay
  3. Add On: Connecting to QuickBooks
  4. Add On: Connecting to Xero
  5. Add On: Connecting to MYOB
Important: When connecting to one of the five payroll platforms you need to ensure that your payroll email address is identical to your Employment Hero email address.
Important: Employment Hero cannot retrieve Tax File Numbers from Xero and MYOB. This will require you to upload your employee Tax File Numbers directly into Employment Hero.

CSV Importing

You can use the CSV Tool to import your users into the Employment Hero platform.

Employment Hero offers the following CSV templates that are task specialised:

We also offer a CSV template that you can use to upload all Employee data, for further details on this CSV refer to this article

Things I Should Consider

HeroPay, KeyPay and QuickBooks 

Have you previously connected Employment Hero to these three payroll platforms and what is the state of your data in these three payroll platforms.

Xero and MYOB

A record of your employees Tax File Numbers because you will need to update these in Employment Hero after connecting to either of these payroll platforms.

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