HR Platform Release Notes: Week 45/2019

Leave Taken Report

We have added the following two filter options to the Leave Taken report:

  1. An option to show terminated employees and/or contractors.
  2. An option to filter by specific employees and/or contractors.

Work Safe Authority


Employment Hero sent the worksafe authority email to the employee's account email.


Employment Hero now sends the worksafe authority email to the employee's company email.

Custom Fields

We have made the following four changes to our custom fields feature; They are:

  1. The ability to set whether a manager or employee can view and/or edit the custom field.
  2. The ability to set the custom field as either optional or mandatory during the onboarding proces or when updateing an employee file. 
  3. The ability for an employee to complete the custom field during the onboarding process.
  4. The ability to notify a user to complete the custom field upon creation.
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