HR Platform Release Notes: Week 49/2019

Onboarding Checklist


The onboarding checklist triggered every time a user selected a contract during the onboarding process. This meant Employment Hero created duplicate tasks if a user went back to select a different contract.


Employment Hero now only creates an onboarding checklist once, even if a user goes back to select a different contract.

Setup Mode


When a user clicked on the link on the setup mode banner, it redirected them to the Company Details section.


Clicking on the link in the setup mode banner will now redirect the user to the Employment Details section, where they can turn setup mode off.

Employee File

You can now click on the Previous Employee and Next Employee buttons to navigate between employee files while you are on the same tab.

Also, you can now search Employee File field names. This feature will allow you to:

  • Search for field names and/or tab names in the employee file.
  • It will navigate you to the selected field and/or tab.

Review Period


Adding a team to a review period did not include any pending employees.


Now adding a team to a review period includes any pending employees. 



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