MYOB Error Analysis: Tax File Number Discrepancy


Importing Tax File Numbers (TFN) from MYOB has caused the following error:

  • The Tax File Declaration for this employee is incomplete. Please complete this information.


Error Analysis 

When importing Tax File Numbers from MYOB into Employment Hero, the tax file number will remain partially hidden.

Important: As of August 2018, MYOB will no longer return the full TFN when accessing the employees’ end-point via MYOBs Payroll API. The last three digits, however, will remain visible.


Solution One

If this error affects multiple users, you can use the Employment Hero CSV tool to update the tax file numbers of all affected employees.

Solution Two

If this error is affecting just an individual user, you can change the individuals’ tax file number using the following article.

Solution Three

If this error affects just an individual user, the user can change their own tax file number using the following article.

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