HR Platform Release Notes: Week 51/2019

eTFND (Electronic Tax File Number Declaration)


You could not submit eTFND for working holiday makers.


You can now submit eTFND for all your employees including working holiday makers.

Contract Drafting


When a user was drafting a contract, there was an editable email message. There were cases where the email message would not populate the first name and last name of the employee.


We have fixed this issue so the email message will always pull the first name and last name of the employee into the email template.

Importing Tax File Numbers (TFN) from Xero or MYOB

We have released an update for TFN’s for any organisations connected to Xero or MYOB. Because the TFN’s were being masked by Xero or MYOB, Employment Hero could not access this information when integrating with either Xero or MYOB.

Important: This update only applies to terminated employees.


  • Employment Hero would import employee TFN's and immediately return with a sync error for all imported employees.
  • Employment Hero did not allow users to update the employee files, unless they updated the TFN’s first (because of the sync error).
  • Customers would need to manually un-sync terminated employees from either MYOB or Xero. 


  • Employment Hero will import employee TFN's and recognise that MYOB or Xero has masked the TFN’s and will not return a sync error for imported employees.
  • Users can still edit the employee file as per normal.
  • Only once a user accesses the employee's TFN page and edits this information, then Employment Hero will return with a validation error that the customer needs to update their TFN.


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