Getting Started Part 2: Employee payroll data

What is employee payroll data

When setting up Employment Hero Payroll, you can begin by adding your employees directly into the payroll platform using a CSV.

Once your HR and payroll platforms are connected, Employment Hero HR becomes the source of truth for your employee data. The integration has been designed to push any changes made on the HR platform directly to the Payroll platform.


Once there is a connection between the HR and payroll, changing an employee’s file on the payroll platform won't remain. This is because the data on Employment Hero HR will override the Payroll data every time the employee synchronised.

A sychonisation between both platforms; or transfer of the employee file information, occurs anytime the employee details are updated on Employment Hero HR.

Where should I begin

Employees can be added to the payroll platform by downloading a copy of the CSV template.

Employee details

CSV Column Name Platform Field Name Data Type Notes
StartDate Start Date Number  
PreferredName First name Text  
Surname Surname Text  
DateOfBirth Date of birth Date (DD/MM/YYYY)  
ResidentialStreetAddress Residential street address Text  
ResidentialSuburb Residential suburb Text  
ResidentialState Residential state Text  
ResidentialPostCode Residential postcode Text  
PostalStreetAddress Postal street address Text  
PostalSuburb Postal suburb Text  
PostalState Postal state Text  
PostalPostCode Postal postcode Number  

Tax file declaration

CSV Column Name Platform Field Name Data Type Notes
TaxFileNumber Tax file number Number  
EmploymentType Employment Type Text

- Full Time
- Part Time
- Casual
- Labour Hire
- Superannuation Income Stream

Pay run details

CSV Column Name Platform Field Name Data Type Notes
Rate Pay Rate Number  
RateUnit Pay Rate Text Values:
- Hourly
- Annually
- Daily
HoursPerWeek Standard Work Week Number  
PrimaryPayCategory Primary Pay Category Text Enter the name of an existing pay category.
PaySchedule Pay Schedule Text Enter the name of an existing pay schedule.
PrimaryLocation Primary Location Text  
PaySlipNotificationType Pay Slip Notifications Text Values:
- Email
- Manual
- None

Bank accounts

CSV Column Name Platform Field Name Data Type Notes
BankAccount1_AccountName Name Text  
BankAccount1_BSB BSB Number  
BankAccount1_AccountNumber Account Number Number  
BankAccount1_AllocatedPercentage Pay Into Account Number Enter 100 if the employee only has one bank account.
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