Getting Started Part 3: Salaried Employees

What are salaried employees

A salaried employee is a worker paid a fixed amount of money (salary) in each pay run.

Where should I begin

When setting up a salaried employee, the basic requirement is the rate they are receiving (either an hourly or annual rate) and the fixed number of working hours' per pay run.

Helpful Hint

The payroll platform can allow you to set up timesheets for salaried employees.

Things I should consider

Recurring allowances

If a salaried employee receives a recurring allowance, you can set up an automatic earning for each pay run.


This does not apply to salaried employees who submit timesheets for hours worked.

Multiple locations

Since each employee requires a primary default location, when setting up a salaried employee, the payroll platform automatically assigns all the fixed hours paid to the primary location. However, if the employee works in multiple locations, these additional locations will need to be added to their employee details.


Automated distribution for hours worked at multiple locations can only be applied if the split in hours at each location is fixed.


When processing a pay run, it projects salaried employees to work a fixed number of hours per pay run. However, there may be some instances where additional payments they require additional payments; such as Time in Lieu (TIL) accrual for additional hours or payment of overtime hours.

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