Getting Started Part 10: Pay Rate Templates

What are Pay rate templates

A Pay Rate Template will help manage employee pay rates, as you can create pre-defined sets of pay rates which you can then apply to new and existing employees. This then allows you to bulk update pay rates for employees when required.

Where should I begin

You should create a pay rate template if you have a group of employees receiving the same pay rates.

Things I Should Consider

Managing pay rates for many employees can be an onerous task and pay rate changes happen more often than one might think. Conditions that change an employee's pay rate include:

  • Junior rates increasing on their birthday.
  • Apprentices moving to the next year of their apprenticeship.
  • Employees switching roles.
  • Employees being moved to a higher grade of their award.
  • Award rates reviewed annually.
  • Employees receiving multiple allowances.

Pre-built Awards

If you are using one of the pre-built awards, the system will already have created the pay rate templates per the award’s pay guide. If you pay employees above award rates and would like to bulk update the award pay rate templates, you can do so accordingly.

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