HR mobile app: Employee happiness survey


As an employee, you can use the employee happinesses survey to let your organisation know anonymously your happiness within your organisation. This will form part of your organisations employee engagement metrics, which is the level of enthusiasm, passion, and connection you as an employee show towards your organisation. 

The Employee Happiness feature on the mobile app, allows you to rate your happiness out of 10 and provide a comment on why you gave this rating. This data is anonymous, and there is no way for your organisation to identify you, when you use this feature.

To use the happiness survey, an admin needs to enable the Employee Engagement feature. To read further details on how to enable this feature, refer to this article.


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Completing the happiness survey
  1. Log into the mobile application.
  2. Tap on the Employee Happiness tile.
  3. Tap on your happiness score from
    one to ten. 
  4. Complete the Let us know why
    you feel like this
  5. Tap the Submit button.
  6. Tap the Got It  button.
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