JobKeeper nomination reporting


On 30 March 2020, the Australian Federal Government announced the JobKeeper payment package to support affected businesses and their employees through the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible business will receive $1,500 per fortnight per eligible employee.

The JobKeeper nomination report allows you to see the status of your employees JobKeeper nomination forms and whether they intend to claim the JobKeeper payment.


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Getting stared

Running the report
  1. Click the Reports menu.
  2. Click the JobKeeper Report submenu.
Understanding the report

This report enables you to view the status of your employees JobKeeper Nomination forms and whether they have:

  1. Completed the form
  2. Have nominated that they are eligible for JobKeeper
  3. Have nominated that they are not eligible for JobKeeper

You can view the completed JobKeeper nomination form for each employee by clicking on the View button.

Your payroll admin can use this report to make the needed arrangements on your payroll platform. Click the Next Steps to Payroll button to access this feature.


Employment Hero will maintain a secure copy of this form for your records.


Exporting the report

Further information

File definitions
CSV Select the CSV option to save a text file where the file separates the reporting data with commas. This is a file format most spreadsheet programs can open and edit.
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