HR mobile app employee file: Personal details


Sometimes as an employee you will need to change and update your personal details when your circumstances change. These changes can include needing to update your account login email if you switch email provider, your home address if you have moved or your mobile phone number if you change to another carrier.

The Personal Details feature on the mobile app is where you update these details if they change, with the HR platform reflecting theses changes throughout the entire platform. This means there is only one place you need to update your details if they change, ensuring your employee record on the HR platform is always up to date.


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Editing my personal details
  1. Log into the mobile application.
  2. Tap the Three Dots button.
  3. Tap the My Profile button. 
  4. Tap the Personal Details button.
  5. Click the Edit button.
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • Account Email.

    Helpful Hint

    Admins and managers cannot edit
    an account email once a user is active.
    A user is active once they have logged
    onto the HR platform.

    • Title.
      • Mr.
      • Ms.
      • Mrs.
      • Miss.
      • Dr.
      • Mx.
    • First name.
    • Last name.
    • Middle name.
    • Preferred Name.

    Helpful Hint

    If a user completes the Preferred Name field,
    then the HR platform will show this name in
    the following features:

    • Goals.
    • Shout outs.
    • Nominations.
    • Announcements.
    • Staff directory (mobile application).
    • Organisation chart.

    The employee tagging functionality in the HR
    platform will only pick up the employee by their
    preferred name, not there first or last name.

    • Gender:
      • Female.
      • Male.
      • Non-binary.
      • Prefer not to say.
    • Address Country
    • Address line 1.
    • Address line 2.
    • Address.
    • Suburb.
    • Nationality.
    • Date of birth.
    • Marital status.
    • Personal email address.
    • Personal mobile number.
    • Select Yes or No to the Display Mobile in Staff
      Directory and Organisation Chart option.
    • Select Yes or No to the Opt Out of Referral
      Program option.

    Helpful Hint

    The Opt Out of Referral Program option allows your
    employees to refer an employee to use Instapay.
    If you tick the No option, your employees cannot
    refer another employee to use Instapay.

    • Home phone number.
  7. Click the Save button.



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