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The Discount store provides Employment Hero users with the opportunity to purchase products aimed at enhancing their lives at work and home by being able to purchase gift cards and movie tickets at reduced prices.

Getting started


All gift cards are e-gift cards and no physical cards will be sent out.

The below premise will walk you through how to make a purchase at our Discount store.

Make a purchase
  1. Log into the mobile application.
  2. Tap on the Money icon.
    screenshot of where to tap on the money icon to access the discount store
  3. Tap on Benefits.
  4. Tap on Discounts.
  5. Search through the product offerings and tap on the product you want to purchase. The discounts offered are shown in the prices.
  6. Tap the Buy Now button.
  7. You can see your Savings clearly displayed. Tap on Select Payment Method.
  8. Type in your credit or debit card details and tap Continue.
  9. Review your order and then tap Complete Order.


Refunds and/or returns are not eligible once you've purchased an online voucher.


The below premise will walk you through how to view your Discount store purchase order history.

View my order history
  1. Log into the mobile application.
  2. Tap Money.
  3. Tap Benefits.
  4. Tap on Discounts.
  5. Tap the Gift Card icon in the top right corner.
  6. You will then see your order history displayed.

Further information

Accepted payment methods

You can use the following payment methods within the discounts store:

  • Visa debit or credit card.
  • Mastercard debit or credit card.
Employment Hero Discount Store fee decreased

The current fee for using any debit or credit card in the Employment Hero Discounts store is 1.5%. From the 17th October 2022, we will reduce this fee from 1.5% to 0.99% per purchase, meaning that you can save more money on discounted gift cards and products in the Discounts store.

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