Learning configuration


The Learning Configuration section allows you to enable or disable certain aspects of of your learning portal to suit your organisational needs. You can for example enable your content administrators to edit notification settings or user emails, disable suggested courses from showing on an employees dashboard or hide course authors on the course details page.


Learning Plan:   Standard   Plus


Editing your portal information
  1. Click the Your Profile button.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Click the Configuration button.
  4. Use the follwoing Selection tick boxs to configure your learning portal:
    •  Dashabord:
      • My recent courses.
      • Activities.
      • Suggested courses for you.
      • Invite new user.
    • Enabled applications:
      • Allow register.
      • Go1 Marketplace.
    • Content adminstrator permissions:
      • Content administrator is able to edit user emails.
      • Content administrator is able edit notification settings.
    • User menus:
      • Hide user payment menu item.
      • Hide groups menu item for learners.
    • Payment:
      • Content provider dashboard.
      • Enable manual payment.
      • Enable coupon.
      • Enable request purchase.
    • Course authors:
      • Hide course authors on course details.
      • Allow all users to create content.
    • Course layout:
      • Enable footer navigation.
      • Enable side navigation.
  5. Click the Submit button.
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