"I'm a new admin. How do I navigate Employment Hero HR?" by Hero Academy training

What does Employment Hero do?

Employment Hero's HR platform allows organisations to easily manage HR end-to-end. You can onboard staff, manage compliance, promote engagement, train and develop staff and provide employee benefits with one easy-to-use platform. Connect your HR platform to your payroll platform to seamlessly sync payroll-ready employee pay and time-and-attendance data to streamline your pay processes. 

This training is geared toward providing a foundational understanding of how Employment Hero's HR platform is organised and where key features are located. From here, you will be able to build on this knowledge with subsequent training to ensure your platform is configured to meet your business' goals and needs. 


How does Employment Hero sync to payroll? Where do I find key configuration settings? 


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  1. Company Settings
  2. Management Dashboard
  3. Employee Files
  4. Teams
  5. Organisation Chart
  6. Payroll Integrations



Where do I find HR platform admin settings?

You can find most HR platform admin settings under General Settings and we recommend if you are a new admin you familiarise yourself with the existing setup selections. Of particular note, Company Settings will give you an excellent overview of your organisation’s basic configuration settings.

How do I update employee file data when connected to payroll? 

It is important to remember Employment Hero is your source-of-truth for employee data and you should always update employee file details on Employment Hero when connected to payroll. As soon as you click “save” after making an edit, the change will sync to your payroll platform immediately. The data will only flow automatically from Employment Hero to your payroll platform as this data connection is not bidirectional, i.e. data changes will not sync from your payroll platform into the HR platform.

What are teams?

Teams help you organise your employees into groups that enable you to automate the assignment of compliance requirements such as policies, certifications and onboarding checklist tasks.

Did you know...

The management dashboard is a great tool to help managers and admins keep on top of the HR related action items that require attention. Why not remind your managers about the dashboard to help keep them on top of things?

Communicating Employment Hero HR to staff

Up-to-date employee file data is the foundation to a solid HR information system. We suggest periodically asking staff to log in and check their details to ensure your data is rock solid. Our clients also find that explaining the impact of updating (or not updating) details in your call-to-action improves rates of compliance.

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