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Workplace policies and procedures articulate your business’s values and set clear expectations around the desired behaviour and performance of your employees. This ensures they know what your organisation expects of them and provides them with clarity on how they can meet these organisational expectations.

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  Does Employment Hero provide policies for me to use?  

Creating the right policies for your business can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why Employment Hero created a library of compliant policies for you to use. These were all drafted in-house by our HR specialists, and we constantly review this content to give you the confidence you need that your business is compliant.

  What is the difference between mandatory and non-mandatory policies?  

A non-mandatory policy is one you wish to make available for reference to your employees, but you do not need them to review and acknowledge it for any specific compliance reason. An example might be an Education Assistance Program policy. Whereas you may want every employee to read and acknowledge something like a Work Health and Safety policy. Policies requiring acknowledgement are also trackable via our Compliance Reports module.

  What happens if I need to update a policy?  

You can easily update an existing policy with new content, as the system supports version controlled policies. When you update a policy, the platform will ask all employees assigned to the policy to review and acknowledge (Mobile/Desktop) the new content.

Did you know...

We recommend periodically checking the Policies report within the Compliance Reporting module so you can track which mandatory policies still need acknowledging by your employees. If you notice some policies are well overdue, you can create tasks for your people managers to delegate this compliance requirement quickly and easily.

Communicating policies to staff

Do you need to update or assign several policies at once? If so, you may wish to turn on setup mode while you make the updates. This will stop email notifications being sent out to employees every time you add or update a new policy. Just don’t forget to turn setup mode off when you’re done. You can then use a company announcement to customise one message to staff asking them to review their policies. They will also receive weekly automatic reminders.

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