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Employment Heroes HR platform allows you to manage your organisations onboarding processes. Meaning you can make sure you gather the information you need to employ your new staff member legally and within compliance guidelines. It will also make a great first impression with your employees.

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  How do I onboard an employee?  

You can onboard employees via your Employee Onboarding widget on your dashboard. This widget also allows you to see what stage your employees are at in their onboarding journey and provides reminders to employees if they have yet to complete their onboarding workflow.

  What is the Quick Add feature?  

You can use the Quick Add Employee feature to add a new user to your HR platform without them having to go through the onboarding workflow when they first login.

Just remember this will by-pass our Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature. The ESS generates an email containing an invitation to join the Employment Hero platform. This invitation will then take your employee through setting up their details such as personal information, bank, and superannuation information.

We only recommend the Quick Add feature if you must add an employee immediately. I.e. you intend to enter manually their onboarding information at a later stage or if you are adding your first users or early adopters to the HR platform.

  How do I customise questions asked during onboarding?  

We have built Employment Hero’s onboarding workflow with compliance in mind, meaning we standardised many of the onboarding fields. Therefore, you cannot change these fields. However, you can create additional questions by adding Custom Fields and including those fields in the onboarding workflow.

Did you know...

We recommend using custom fields to create special touches in your onboarding experience. If you typically announce new hires to staff, why not ask an ice breaker question that can help you personalise your announcement?

Ask for a T-shirt size and include a company T-shirt in your welcome pack. Ask your employee about their favourite morning drink so the employee’s manager can welcome the employee with it during their first meeting. Ask about dietary requirements to help you cater events more inclusively. We find these little touches can go a long way to making employees feel welcomed and start on the right foot.

Communicating new employees to staff?

You can use the company feed to introduce your new hire. If you gathered any icebreaker "fun facts" in onboarding, the company feed is a great place to share those fun facts along with a short bio so other staff can get to know them and say hello. 

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