"How can I promote a positive culture with rewards, recognition and engagement?" by Hero Academy training


Recognition is a way for employers to reward and recognise their employees when they go above and beyond the expectations of their role. Whereas employee engagement is the level of enthusiasm, passion, and connection between employees in your organisation. You can easily foster engagement with a HRIS by promoting regular communication events with tools like happiness surveys and custom surveys. 

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  What happens when I post on the Company Feed?  

Employees involved in the post will receive a push notification if they have the Employment Hero mobile app downloaded. For Shout Outs and Recognitions, employees involved are the employees receiving the Shout Out or Recognition. For company announcements, employees involved are those in the announcement's audience (usually either all employees or employees in a team).

Employees can also manage their own mobile app notification settings and choose the number of notifications they receive. Employees involved will also receive an email notification for company feed posts if they do not have the app.

  Who can post on the Company Feed?  

Anyone can Shout Out or Recognise any other employee. Only admins can post announcements by default. However, you can enable other staff to post announcements as well by editing your custom security settings.

Did you know...

You can set up happiness surveys to automatically launch periodically and employees can easily respond on desktop or with the Employment Hero mobile app? The survey asks a brief question that goes a long way to showing staff you care about their wellbeing. 

We recommend choosing a survey frequency that will allow you enough time between survey periods, so you have the time to absorb the feedback gathered and communicate any action you plan to take off the back of the employee feedback.

Custom Surveys 

Our enhanced Custom Surveys allows employers to click through the survey title and view more
survey details such as questions and settings. Employers will also be able to add more
participants to a published survey (Platinum only), edit the end date/time of a published survey,
clone a survey, and reopen an archived survey (Premium and Platinum).

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