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A performance review is the assessment and review of your employees' productivity in undertaking their assigned role and what skills they can improve upon. Regular performance reviews help remind your employees of what you expect from them in the workplace. They can also provide you with the needed information on your teams performance when making employment decisions, such as promotions and pay raises.

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  Who has involvement in a performance review?  

So first up, it would be your platform admin who needs to create the performance reviews your organisation wants to use for this process. Once this stage is complete, your employees and their managers can go in and complete their assigned performance reviews. It is also worth highlighting that indirect managers can also view how employees and managers under them are progressing on these assignments.

  What happens if a manager change occurs during the performance review period?  

It depends on what point your organisation is currently at:

  • Manager changed during the review period: If an employees manager changes during the review period, then the HR platform will clear the previous manager's responses and set the new manager as the owner of the review.
  • Manager changed during the lockout period: If an employees manager changes during the lockout period, then the HR platform will keep the manager's responses and the previous manager will remain assigned to the review.
  • Manager changed after the lock-out period: If an employees manager changes after the lock-out period, then the HR platform will keep the managers' responses and the previous manager will remain assigned to the review.

  How long do Performance Review periods last?  

Admins can set as many review periods as required by your business and you can set them to remain open for any length of time. Admins will enter a start and end date for each performance review period, which the HR platform considers the published review period regarding email notifications to employees. However, you can also set a lock-out date, which is after the performance review end date, which allows employees a few extra days to login and complete their reviews.

Did you know...

Primary managers can access an employee’s current and previous performance reviews from their employee’s employee file. Managers should visit this tab, before completing a current review. And once a review period is over we also recommend employees and their managers set aside time to discuss the findings.

Also, 1:1s are a great feature on the platform to help facilitate these conversations and capture ongoing notes. Admins can also create post-review 1:1 meeting templates to help managers and their staff structure constructive post-review conversations.

Communicating reviews to staff

Employees and their managers will receive system generated emails when you set an upcoming review period. However, since performance reviews can be a stressful time for employees, it often helps to customise your initial announcement so you can take some weight out of the subject. You can use the company feed to do this easily.

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