HR mobile app release notes: Week 22 2021


Over the last week, the Employment Hero product team has been hard at work and has released new updates to our HR Mobile App Two-Factor Authentication feature. Read on below to see the details of what these changes entail.

Two-Factor Authentication

To help our users who cannot authenticate themselves at the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) step for reasons such as not receiving their code or not having their recovery code on hand, we have introduced additional measures to help users access their account.

Employee level

  • We will now ask all users currently with Two-Factor Authentication enabled to set up their Recovery Question the next time they log in to the platform. This is mandatory.
  • We will require all users who set up Two-Factor Authentication to set up their Recovery Question if they have not done so previously 
  • On the Two-Factor Authentication Authentication log in screen, if they have their Recovery Question set up they can request to reset their Two-Factor Authentication. This will email the user a link where they will need to enter their recovery question. Upon entering the correct answer, their Two-Factor Authentication will be reset and they can access their account.
  • Users can edit their Recovery Question and Answer within the HR Web Platform. 
Organisation level
  • If a user can not self service, an Admin or Owners can reset another user's Two-Factor Authentication through the Security report. They will need to have their own Two-Factor Authentication set up first, in order to utilise this feature. 
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