Payroll platform release notes: Week 19 2021


Over the last week, we have released new updates to our Payroll Platform Beam Super Payments feature. Read on below to see the details of what these changes entail.

Beam Super Payments

We have recently released two new enhancements in relation to super batches processed via Beam. These include:

  • Cancelling a super batch: If you have made a mistake and need to cancel a super batch, you can now do this yourself without having to contact our support team. This is only possible where the status of the batch is awaiting payment. You will not have the option to delete a batch if the status is awaiting clearance, sent to fund, reconciled, or cancelled.
  • Update super fund details for individual contributions within a batch: Prior to this enhancement, updating a super fund for an employee using the Change Fund feature in the super batch would update all employee unprocessed contributions. With this release, however, comes the ability to update an employee's super fund individually for a specific contribution in a super batch.
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