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What are certifications?

Certifications act as a proof of attainment, and allow you to see what training, licences, qualifications and checks your employee has received. Certifications can also form a requirement for certain roles such as a security guard needing a security license, a child care worker needing a certificate 4 in childcare, or staff that need to prove Covid-19 vaccination records. 


How do I set up, assign and track certifications?


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  1. Set up certifications.
  2. Set up certifications in onboarding.
  3. Setting up expiry notifications.
  4. Certification reporting.



Can I require supporting documentation?

Yes, you can. If you enable the Supporting Documentation Required setting when creating a certification, your employees will need to provide this information when submitting a certification for review. Once they click submit (Mobile/Desktop), their manager can then verify the submitted supporting documentation and, if all correct, approve the certification.

Can certifications be optional?

Yes.  Simply choose "No" for the question "Is this certification mandatory?" when configuring a new certification. 

Can I assign certifications to specific employee segments?

First you set up the certification by name and criteria, then you can decide who will need to complete this information. On this front you have a few options:

  • Teams.
  • Locations.
  • Employees.

You can also assign a certification to additional users after you have created your certification. So if you have new employees that come onboard, or the scope requirement changes, you can just go in and edit the assignee details.

How do I know when an employee’s certification has expired?

You can check the Certifications report within the Compliance Reporting module to view all current and outstanding certification requirements. You can also set up an expiry reminder email for admins, so they can stay on top of expiring certifications. The HR platform will automatically notify employees with outstanding certifications to complete these certifications weekly.


Did you know...

Employees can access their certifications on the HR Mobile App and can also use their mobile camera to take pictures of documents like cards and licences, or upload from a library of images, making compliance faster and easier to achieve.

We recommend reviewing your organisation’s current certification compliance after attending this workshop and following up with employees where necessary.


Communicating certifications to staff

As mentioned above, the HR platform will automatically send weekly compliance reminder emails to employees with outstanding (mandatory) requirements. However, you can also post an announcement if you wish to nudge staff again and provide more context. You can also choose to direct the announcements to relevant teams only. If you have a team of managers only, you can also use announcements to delegate to managers.

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