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As an organisation, you may base your staffing hours off a rostering system whereby you allocate employees' certain hours they need to work per week based on workload demands. By using rostering software, you can take the heavy administration out of this process for your managers, freeing up their time to work on more import areas, such as managing and supporting their employees.

The rostering feature is a labour planning tool that allows you to set shift requirements for your staff and assign employees to those shifts. You can also use this feature to share rostered shifts with your staff and to manage their availability settings.

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  How do employees access rosters?  

There are two ways for employees to access rosters. They can access these from the HR platform on the desktop (on the left-hand navigation menu). Alternatively, they can access rosters on their mobile phone via an app called WorkZone (Apple app store/Google Play).

  Can I allow my staff to swap shifts?  

Yes, you can do this by enabling a feature called shift swapping. You can share these instructions with your employees once enabled. 

  Can I allow shift bidding?  

Yes, you can allow employees to bid for shifts by enabling the feature in rostering settings. 

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