How do I manage Leave and Timesheets between HR and Payroll? by Hero Academy Training


What is time and attendance?

The phrase time and attendance refers to how an organisation tracks and records employees' time at work, as well as their time on leave from work. Employment Hero's HR platform allows your employees to create timesheets and leave requests and also allows managers to review and approve them.

What does the payroll integration do?

When you connect your Employment Hero's HR and payroll platform together, approved timesheets, and leave requests from the HR platform will automatically sync to payroll. We will also include this data in the relevant pay run. Therefore, this training aims to show you how each system is used to manage time and attendance end-to-end. Click here to review synced data by payroll integration.

Please note

This article is only relevant to customers connected to Employment Hero's payroll platform, KeyPay, or QuickBooks Online. If you have connected your platform to a Xero or MYOB platform, or you have not connected to any payroll platform, please review this training instead. 

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  What is a location?  

Locations help you identify the employment jurisdiction of an employee and are typically where an employee physically works. You can only assign an employee to one location at a time, and each location ties into a specific public holiday calendar.

For example, if you have an employee in Perth, Western Australia (WA), you can create a unique location tied into a WA public holiday calendar. So once you assign the location to the employee,  the platform makes sure when they submit their leave request, that it applies the correct public holiday dates.

  How do leave requests work?  

Employees can apply for leave on the desktop or the mobile app version of Employment Hero. Managers and admins can then approve these requests via the desktop or mobile app. Leave requests, then sync to your connected payroll platform immediately upon approval so they are ready for payment in the relevant pay run. Admins and managers can also create and edit leave requests on an employee’s behalf.

  How do timesheets work?  

Timesheets work similarly to leave requests. An employee can create and submit a timesheet via the desktop or mobile app. An admin or manager can approve these via the desktop or mobile app. Like leave requests, timesheets also sync through to your connected payroll platforms (excluding MYOB).

Did you know...

The sync dashboard is a great feature to help you keep on top of any discrepancies between the time and attendance data you have on your HR platform vs your payroll platform. Now that you have watched this training video, it might be a good time to review the sync dashboard.

Communicating time and attendance with staff

Employees can download the Employment Hero mobile app in the Apple and Google Play app stores to submit and approve leave requests and timesheets. The app also has a handy events section where staff can see who else is on leave on a specific day. 

We have found that employees that use the app to submit leave requests are more likely to submit them before the pay run is due. Meaning you will require less manual adjustments for your payroll admins after they have completed a pay run. We recommend sending a quick company announcement (Desktop/Mobile) on the Company Feed to remind your staff.



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