"I'm a new payroll admin. How do I check my key payroll settings?" by Hero Academy training

How do I navigate the payroll platform?

If you are new admin of a previously configured Employment Hero payroll platform, this foundational training will help familiarise you with the way the platform is organised and point you to a few key areas you will need to know to use the system.

This training also reviews your business details, banking settings, pay schedules and locations. Once you have reviewed this training, you will have enough information to get started in the payroll platform and you can then review additional training to learn about different processes as necessary for your role. 


WATCH: The training


READ: Step-by-step guides

  1. Familiarise yourself with the payroll platform's menus
  2. Review your business details
  3. Review your banking settings
  4. Review your pay schedules
  5. Review your payroll locations



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