"How do I create a pay run?" by Hero Academy training

What is a pay run?

A pay run allows you to pull in data about your employees' time worked along with their pay and entitlement rules for a particular pay cycle. The pay run automatically processes those rules to generate an ABA file that can be used to pay staff via your online banking. The pay run also allows you to generate pay slips for your employees, report earnings to the ATO via Single Touch Payroll (STP) and create pay run journals to capture payroll expenses in your company accounting software. 

This training takes you through the basics of generating a pay run in your payroll platform. 


WATCH: The training video


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  1. Create a pay run
  2. Import any timesheets
  3. Apply leave requests
  4. Make any necessary PAYG adjustments
  5. Finalise the pay run




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