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Employment Hero created the following video to support our customers as they work to ensure they are STP Phase 2 compliant, before 28 February 2022. STP Phase 2 aims to make it easier for employers to report information about their employees to multiple government agencies.

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  Regarding STP phase 2, will Employment Hero Payroll automatically start reporting the extra data on the March 1st?  

Yes, the EH Payroll platform will start reporting the STP Phase 2 requirements from 1 March 2022.

  With STP Phase 2 setup by the 1st March, do we need to make adjustments to previous pays prior to the date of change? Or with Employment Hero Payroll, do this automatically for us?  

Pay Runs with a paid date on or after 1 March 2022 will report STP Phase 2 data as the ATO relies on Date Paid reporting. Pay Runs that have been finalised and lodged with a date paid prior to the 1st March 2022 do not need to be amended.>

  Do we need to raise a support ticket if we have a query about the STP changes, i.e. confirming the payment category?  

If you are having difficulty in navigating the platform to confirm your setup, you may reach out to the support team for guidance. The support team cannot advise which categories fall into which classification and it would be best to seek this level of confirmation from the ATO directly.

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