"How do I configure MYOB to manage leave in Employment Hero ?" by Hero Academy training


The aim of this training video is to cover off how you can manage leave when using Employment Hero with a MYOB Account Right integration. Leave will flow out of Employment Hero over to your MYOB Account Right platform and appear as a timesheet entry, so you need to ensure you have set up your MYOB platform to support this configuration.

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Can I customise our leave balance visibility?

Yes, we know organisations may have requirements where employees should have visibility on certain leave categories, whereas other categories they may need this visibility disabled. If this is the case for your organisation, then MYOB Account Right allows you to configure what balances an employee will see in both their payslips and within Employment Hero's leave feature. You can refer to the following guide for further information.

Do cost centres sync over to my MYOB Account Right platform?

No, the Cost Centre feature allows you to create a list of cost centres you can allocate against your employees. This feature also allows you to disable a cost centre if it is no longer in use, edit the data if it changes and delete a record if it is no longer required. But this data remains within the Employment Hero platform.

I have an error showing on my Employment Hero platform. How do I resolve it?

You can refer to either our Import Conflicts or Employment Hero Platform Errors sections for a list of common MYOB Account Right errors and the steps on how to resolve these issues.

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