How do I export my MYOB employee data and import it into EH Payroll ? by Hero Academy Training


When migrating over from your MYOB platform to our Employment Hero Payroll platform, transferring your employee records will form a core part of this process. The simpler this process is for you and your organisation, the faster you can get your new payroll platform live and the quicker you can get to more advanced features, such as rostering, pay runs and timesheets.

The below training video will walk you through how you can use our payroll platforms Flatfile feature to import your MYOB employee data. A key timesaving feature is the ability to map out what fields from your MYOB export matches to on our payroll platform and then, once confirmed, the ability to review the data and tweak it where needed.

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  What is the difference between the export and lookup data options?  

If you select the Export option, the platform will use the file data from the copied employee export data that was retrieved from the Data Extracts page. If you select the LookupData option, you be using any data that is currently in the LookupData tab within the excel spreadsheet..

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