"How do I reset my password for Employment Hero HR?" by Hero Academy Training


With Employment Hero's Self-service features, you can reset your own passwords and unlock your own account outside the HR platform, without having to contact your HR administrator. Reducing your time, not being able to access your account and means it does not delay you in submitting your latest leave request or timesheet submission.

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  How do I reset my password?  

To reset your password, click the Forgot password link that is available on the login page of your Employment Hero account. You will then need to enter your account email and click the Request Link button, which will send you an email with a link to reset your password. The message Are You Not X can also appear instead of Forgot password and in those cases that is how you access a reset link.

  How do I make sure I create a strong password?  

Employment Hero uses a password strength meter to help you select your password.

To save a password, you require:

  • At least eight characters.
  • Have at least one uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase character.
  • Have at least one numerical character.
  • Have at least one special character.
  • Add a combination of capital letters.
  • Avoid dictionary words or a combination of words.

  I have not received my forgot password link, what do I do?  

Please check that you have used the correct email address for your forgotten password request. Have you used your personal email for your profile or your work email, for example?

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