Career Features and Benefits - FAQ


Career provides users of the Employment Hero Career web platform the opportunity to browse and apply for roles from a diverse range of organisations from the comfort of your mobile device.


You need to set up your Career profile on the Employment Hero Career website before downloading the application. Once you have created your Career profile, you can manage and apply for roles through the Employment Hero app.



  I already have the Employment Hero app. Why am I not able to see Career?  

If you are already an employee of an organisation that uses Employment Hero, you will only be able to access the Work side of the Employment Hero app. If you would like to search or browse job ads hosted on the Employment Hero job board, you will need to do this via a web browser.

  Why am I unable to see Work?  

If you are no longer an employee of an employer that uses Employment Hero, or you have never been an employee of an employer that uses Employment Hero, you will not have access to the Work features on the app as you would not require them. If your job application through the Employment Hero job boards is successful, you will be prompted to switch your app to Work view.

  What happens when I am hired by someone?  

When you are hired by an organisation through the Employment Hero Career app, you will be prompted to switch your Employment Hero app view from Career mode to Work mode. From here, you can manage your employment details, submit leave requests and timesheets, and view your payslips.

  How do I withdraw my application?  

After you apply for a job, head to the Applications tab on the Employment Hero app, and press the delete icon for the job application you would like to withdraw from. 


  How can I close my account and ask for my data to be deleted?  

You will need to send a request to our Support Team to have your account closed and deleted. You can contact our Support Team at

  How can I update my email address or password?  

You cannot change your Employment Hero email address. To change your password, open the Employment Hero app and tap the Forgot Password link when prompted to log in.

  I have forgotten my password. What do I do?  

On the Employment Hero mobile app login screen, tap the Forgot Password link to reset your password.

  What does Employment Hero do with my data?  

At Employment Hero, we use the data you provide us for the purposes of providing our services to you. As your privacy is a top priority, we are committed to protecting your personal data and keeping it secure. For more information on how we handle your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.

  What do I do if I think a job posting is a scam?

If you think a job posting is a scam, please report this to us at We recommend that you do not click on any links provided in the job posting or share any personal data with the job poster.

  Can I search for remote-first roles?  

Yes, when searching for roles, you can enter 'remote' as a city or country.

  How do I check the status of my application?  

To view your applications, head to the Applications tab on the Employment Hero app. Each job application will have a tag depending on the status of your application.

  Is it safe for me to apply for a job on the Employment Hero app?  

We make sure that applying for a job on Employment Hero is safe by having advanced security measures in place. We take security very seriously and are an ISO27001 compliant organisation. You can read more about our security processes here.

  What does Employment Hero do with my application ?  

When you apply for a job on Employment Hero, we will provide your application to the company that posted the role. This information will be processed by the Employment Hero platform on behalf of the job poster.

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