How To... Use the features of the Activity Feed in the Employee App


Jobs provide users of the Employment Hero Jobs web platform the opportunity to browse and apply for jobs from a diverse range of organisations from the comfort of your mobile device. 

The Jobs app offers a range of features that let you stay connected to recruiters in a variety of ways. From the activity feed in the app's dashboard you can see your application updates and even message recruiters who want to know more about you. We also offer easy access to our People and Culture blog which offers careers and industry advice. 


You need to set up your Jobs profile on the Employment Hero Jobs website before downloading the application. Once you have created your Jobs profile, you can manage and apply for jobs through the Employment Hero app.

Manage your activity feed

Browse the Activity feed
  1. Open the Employment Hero mobile app.
  2. Your app will launch in the Dashboard view. From here you can see the Search bar and the Activity feed. The feed is your hub for the app. You will get notifications of all updates on recent searches, applications and even messages from recruiters.
  3. Scroll down and you will see your Recent Searches as well as our Learning Resources which includes links to our industry blog.
Filter and sort the feed
  1. Open the Employment Hero mobile app.
  2. From the Dashboard view tap View all on the Activity feed.
  3. This takes you to the full list of notifications for the Activity feed
  4. Tap the    triangle Sort by icon.
  5. This gives you the option to sort the items in the feed by:
    • Date (Newest to Oldest)(Oldest to Newest).
    • Date (Oldest to Newest).
    • Job.
    • Company.
  6. Tap on messages or job listings to view them.
  7. Swipe left on an item to activate the   bin icon to delete it.
Message recruiters
  1. Open the Employment Hero mobile app.
  2. Your app will launch in the Dashboard view.
  3. Tap View All on the Activity Feed.
  4. Here you can see messages from recruiters responding to your job applications.
  5. Tap on any message you wish to open.
  6. You will see the conversation with that recruiter.
  7. Alternatively you will be notified to new messages by the new message icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and can access them this way.
  8. Finally, from Applications you can also tap the message icon to message recruiters any query you have.

Stay connected from the activity feed

Read the blog and share on social media
  1. Open the Employment Hero mobile app.
  2. You will see the Jobs Dashboard.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Learning Resources.
  4. From here you can access the blog and learning resources from our website.
  5. When you open a blog article you will be able to read and have the option to share to social media.
  6. Tap on one of the social icons to share to a network of your choice.
  7. Or the share icon in the bottom right hand corner to share by email or other method such as airplay or bluetooth.
Share on social media

We have made it easy to stay social with our new app. If you find a job that you think would be perfect for a friend, share it on social media, or tell someone about a great role you've just applied for.

  1. Open the Employment Hero mobile app.
  2. Go to a job listing - either via Search, Applications or Saved.
  3. A the bottom of the listing there are the options to Share or Apply Now.
  4. Tap Share.
  5. You are given the option to share to a variety of networks.
  6. Tap on the network you want to share to.
  7. You will then be taken to that network on your phone. You may need to sign in with your log in credentials for that social network, you can then post as you would normally. 
  8. You can also share our blog posts to the same networks, as described above. 

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